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Rabbi Shalom, after showing us the way to succeed in so many other areas of life such as marriage and finances, now shows us the way to success in child-rearing. His method, built around positive reinforcement and educating with love, demonstrates the proper way to establish clear boundaries without reprimanding or upsetting the child. First of all, as Rav Arush stresses throughout the book, parents must correct themselves before they correct their children.

If the father is a Haman, he cannot expect to raise a Mordechai. This book is a great read, written in clear Date Added: Sunday 20 January, Manufacturer:. Mitokh Ha'Ohel.

Edited by Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman and Stuart W. Moshe Dovid Tendler. English Hardcover Date Added: Tuesday 15 January, Manufacturer:.

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Torah MiEtzion Shemot. The result has been the development of a unique, analytically rigorous, creative, interpretive method that is infused with a profound quest for meaning. Each story is accompanied by treasured recipes that come from survivors all over the world. Proceeds from every cookbook sold is given to charity. Date Added: Friday 11 January, Manufacturer:.

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About Us. Advanced Search. These programs are very valuable and should be attended by anyone planning to go into rabbanus [the rabbinate] or chinuch [Jewish education]. YU students were introduced to the community two years ago when they worked on the construction of the road and bridge to the school complex. This is a way of translating the values that we learn into actual experiences, and doing so while contributing and not just watching.

In the process of inspiring the communities they encountered, our students were transformed. According to Bloom, the response from these donors is telling. If the project is successful in these 30 schools, Avi Chai and YU will expand the program to include as many as schools in 30 communities. The quarterly newsletter covers academic and campus life, faculty and student research, community outreach and philanthropic support.

Board listings as of January 18, Booker delivering the keynote address at 86th Annual Hanukkah dinner. Martin Leibovich lighting a candle after being recognized as a Point of Light. C ory A.

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The video the audience, and the Jewish community at large, to be has been seen on YouTube well over four million times. They included: Mayor Booker said. Chanan Reitblat, founder of the Yeshiva College In an address replete with references to Jewish hischapter of the American Chemical Society, who is helptory and the Torah that brimmed with humor, warmth ing to develop a drug to prevent kidney stones and works and wisdom, he sought to outline exactly what that with special needs individuals.

Why am I so magazine for girls, which she started at age Why I am so honored to be here, why I feel Training Fellowships—both of which focus on encouragthe gravity of the gift of kindness that you all have shown ing recent graduates to pursue careers in education. Cardozo School of Law. The dedication ceremonies on Dec.

Describing the building, the ads invoked the Beit Hamikdash, the ancient Temple in Jerusalem. The choice of Chanukah for the dinner and dedication ceremonies was deliberate and symbolic. The inauguration marked the move uptown from the impoverished, overcrowded, immigrant neighborhood of the Lower East Side to the then bucolic Washington Heights.

It also launched a new era in the life of the institution—the addition of a college of liberal arts and sciences to the Yeshiva.

Under the supervision of Dr. Howard Trachtman, Rahimzada worked directly with patients, gained hands-on experience in research methodology and ultimately had her research published in Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease Journal, a peerreviewed medical publication. Students later submit research papers to the Siemens Science and Technology Competition and other contests. Even before the Institute began nearly five years ago, YUHSG had partnered with Einstein to sponsor the Summer Research Internship, where students interned at the medical school and its affiliates for six to eight weeks.

Coordinated by Fried and Dr. Trachtman, for inspiring her to study science. Nir Barzilai, who has spent over a decade studying the elderly population. In , Dr. Barzilai, director of the Institute for Aging Research, began observing a group of healthy people between the ages of 95 and who were enrolled in a study called the Longevity Genes Project. His work grew into the LonGenity Research Study, which focuses on examining the genes of those in that age group. The team now comprises more than centenarians and near-centenarians, plus close to of their children. As the study continues, Einstein researchers seek to further understand how protective or harmful genes are activated, gradually leading to drug therapies that regulate gene expression and help people live longer and healthier lives.

Class Notes is where YU celebrates the milestones and accomplishments of its alumni. In this section, you can catch up on everything your classmates have been up to over the years, from marriages and births to professional and personal achievements. We hope that you enjoy reading about your fellow alumni and friends, and we look forward to hearing about your achievements.

Arlene and Dr. Rabbi Dr. Herbert C.

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Rabbi Gordon also announces the marriage of two granddaughters: Nava Devora, daughter of Etana and Dr. Barry Wolf. As soon as those words were out of my mouth, I knew what his name would be. Zuller, who made aliyah in , has been a committed activist almost as long as he can remember. I disagree. I feel that if every person did what was in their power to do, things would be different.

Rabbi Shechter served as associate professor of Bible and dean of continuing education at the University of Judaism now the American Jewish University in Los Angeles for two decades. On May 26, Jerome A. Mazel tov to maternal grandmother Sharon Cabelly. Visit www. The book, told in English, Yiddish and Spanish, tells the story of a hen who gets lost in the magical city of Brooklyn and meets up with and adopts!

Evtach, Israel. Joel B. Update your profile and add your preferred e-mail address to get on our e-mail list. Yet after his graduation, he drifted away.

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Following are excerpts of a conversation he had with Barbara Birch, senior director of alumni affairs and annual giving, in which he shares what brought him back to YU, his impression of the University today and the importance of staying connected. What prompted you to reconnect with Yeshiva University? I went to law school there, and their alumni department called to congratulate me when I became a partner at the firm.

They asked me to consider making a gift. I have wonderfully warm feelings for NYU and I was about to say yes. The whole fiber of my being is inextricably linked to YU. The Office of Alumni Affairs is also engaging students while they are on campus through initiatives that we hope will be the building blocks for a long-term relationship.

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We are approaching it from many directions, developing programs that offer volunteer and leadership opportunities for graduates to become involved in the daily life of the University. One of our most significant efforts has been to grow regional programming, thereby expanding our presence in local communities around the country.

The whole infrastructure—the rabbis, communal leaders and educators—is there because of YU. As alumni we should be actively involved in maintaining that infrastructure by reinforcing its foundation, which is the University.

Mentoring is one of the volunteer activities in which alumni seem most interested. To see more profiles of YU alumni, scan this code with your smart phone. Sharon and Dr. Sarah and Dr. David Maslow, who retired as assistant director of the National Cancer Institute, recently made aliyah and live in the Talbieh neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Shulamith Y. Leon Schwartz. You can learn more by going to his Web site gerusguide. The poetry is available at www. Avery E. Lea and Dr. Brenda and Rabbi Dr. Phyllis and Dr. Rabbi Broyde, a law professor at Emory University, was the founding rabbi of the Young Israel in Atlanta and is a member chaver and former director of the Beth Din of America, the largest rabbinical court in the United States.